How do we help?

Every box helps

Mlsna Tlapka knows that not every animal has his/her human friend and home.

That's why we cooperate with many foundations which help lonely dogs and cats as best as they can. We send

at least 25% from the profit of each order to foundations and shelters.

Every box makes not only your doggie or kitten happy but it creates a better place to live.

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Choose the box full of treats and help those in need :-)

A box full of treats for dogs

Mlsna Tlapka is a box full of treats and goodies. Every dog can find premium food, treats, snacks, biscuits, meat, vitamins, toys and others. Your doggie will be looking forward to every petbox! Enjoy the moments with your dog as much as you can!

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A box full of treats for cats

Get a box for cats! You can make your cat happy too! Your petbox can be full of premium cat food, snacks, slices, sticks, food samples and toys. Both dogs and cats are family members, so why not give them the best you can?

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