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Every furry friend deserves nothing but the best. It can be premium food or great toys, but their master is the most important thing in their life. The master must think about their four-legged friend as a family member and spoil them a bit :-). On the other hand it's not as easy as you wish usually due to lack of time.

When two friends were thinking about how to fix that in 2015, they came up with a noriginal idea! How about introducing a gift box for pets that will never be the same and everyone will be looking forward to? :-)

Check out photos taken by our fans! :-)

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A box full of treats for dogs

Mlsna Tlapka is a box full of treats and goodies. Every dog can find premium food, treats, snacks, biscuits, meat, vitamins, toys and others. Your doggie will be looking forward to every petbox! Enjoy the moments with your dog as much as you can!

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A box full of treats for cats

Get a box for cats! You can make your cat happy too! Your petbox can be full of premium cat food, snacks, slices, sticks, food samples and toys. Both dogs and cats are family members, so why not give them the best you can?

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Boxes full of joy and happiness for rabbits

Our boxes are also for rabbits! We have prepared chopsticks, herbs, toys, grain-free snacks and of course a great surprise for every bunny.
However as we know rabbits do not want to be alone, so for that we have petboxes also for the whole family.

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