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Create an ideal package full of treats and goodies for dogs

What's the size of your dog?

Do you have a puppy?

Puppies need special nutrition to help them thrive. Our boxes are designed so your puppies get what they need and are able to indulge in great treats at the same time.

smallest <span>breed</span>

smallest breed

up to 5 kg

small-sized <span>breed</span>

small-sized breed

5 - 15 kg

medium sized <span>breed</span>

medium sized breed

15 - 30 kg

large sized <span>breed</span>

large sized breed

more than 30 kg

What can you expect in your box?

Mlsna Tlapka is a box full of treats and goodies. Every dog can find premium food, treats, snacks, biscuits, meat, vitamins, toys and others. Your doggie will be looking forward to every petbox! Enjoy the moments with your dog as much as you can!

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The content inside can vary,
so that's why the picture is indicative only :-)

How long would you like to see your pet happy?

1 month
one box only Extremely popular
3 months
/ 1 box per month Extremely popular
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